Indian Super League Auction 2023-24: ISL Auction Season 10 Date, Time, New Players List

You will get all the updated details on the Hero Indian Super League auction 2023-24: ISL Auction Season 10 date, time, new players list (domestic and international).

Hero Indian Super League Season 10 is going to begin in October 2023. ISL 2023 Auction will take place from July 15th, 2023 to July 17th, 2023 for consecutive 3 days. The ISL 2023 Auction pool will have 286+ players including the released players along with domestic and international football players. All these football players will go under the hammer to play in the ISL Season 10.

isl auction season 10 date, time, new players list
Hero Indian Super League Auction 2023-24: ISL Auction Season 10 Date, Time, New Players List

ISL Auction Season 10

Hero Indian Super Leagues 2023-24 will have an auction followed by a player draft. Every team/club can have players by retaining some from the last season, contracting in the free market, bidding in the auction, and drafting them. The teams/clubs can have a minimum of 13 Indian players and a maximum of 8 international players, including one marquee player.

Every team/club can spend Rs.5.5 crores (maximum) out of Rs.20 crores (INR) to retain players and take players on contract or draft. The remaining amount can be used to retain, contract, draft, and can buy international players in the auction. Any players who haven’t received a single bid will be added to the Indian player draft pool. The cost of these players will be their base price in the ISL Auction 2023.

ISL Auction Season 10 Date, Time, New Players List

  • ISL Auction Season 10 Date: 15th, 16th, 17th July 2023
  • ISL Auction Season 10 Time: 6:30 PM
  • ISL Auction Season 10 Venue: Mumbai

The OTT partner and official broadcaster of Hero Indian Super League 2023-24 are Star Sports Network and Disney + Hotstar. People can watch the ISL 2023 Auction Live on these channels. Live ISL Auction 2023-24 can also be viewed through live streaming websites and apps of Star Sports Network & Disney + Hotstar. People can also follow live updates of the entire player auction on the live auction Centre exclusively on the Indian Super League official website.

Every domestic player has a “Base Player Fee” in the Hero Indian Super League Auction 2023-24. A player’s minimum salary is the Player’s base fee. The bidding on the player will start from his base fee in the auction. Each domestic player will be presented individually in person. The player’s base fee and its auction increment are as follows:

Player’s Base Fee (Lakhs – INR)Auction Increment (INR)
60 and above200,000
Players Base Fee and Auction Increment in Hero Indian Super League Season 10

Full List of ISL Players Sold at Hero Indian Super League 2023-24 Auction

The highest-paid player in the Hero Indian Super League is Lalengmawia Ralte, known as “Apuia” bought by Mumbai City FC for Rs.2.21 crores (INR). It was the most expensive & costliest player in ISL ever. The second-highest-paid player in Indian Super League is Hugo Boumous bought by ATK Mohun Bagan for Rs.2 crores (INR).

Indian Super League player’s market value list at the ISL 2023 Auction (nilami) along with details of a base price and sold price of final bidding are as follows:

Player NamePlaying PositionTeamFinal Bid Price (INR)
Amrinder Singh (1)GoalkeeperATK Mohun Bagan22.91M
Arsh Anwer Shaikh (31)GoalkeeperATK Mohun Bagan2.08M
Subrata Paul (28)GoalkeeperATK Mohun Bagan4.17M
Ashutosh Mehta (6)DefenderATK Mohun Bagan8.33M
Gursimrat Singh Gill (3)DefenderATK Mohun Bagan8.33M
Prabir Das (33)DefenderATK Mohun Bagan14.58M
Pritam Kotal (20)DefenderATK Mohun Bagan18.75M
Ravi Rana (13)DefenderATK Mohun Bagan18.75M
Sandesh Jhingan (5)DefenderATK Mohun BaganNot Confirmed
Subhasish Bose (15)DefenderATK Mohun Bagan14.58
Sumit Rathi (2)DefenderATK Mohun Bagan8.33M
Abhishek Suryavanshi (16)MidfielderATK Mohun Bagan2.08M
Bidyananda Ningthoujam (19)MidfielderATK Mohun Bagan10.42M
Deepak Tangri (22)MidfielderATK Mohun Bagan10.42M
Engson Ningombam (18)MidfielderATK Mohun BaganNot Confirmed
Lenny Rodrigues (24)MidfielderATK Mohun Bagan12.50M
Sekh Sahil (27)MidfielderATK Mohun Bagan8.33M
Soosai Micheal Adimai (23)MidfielderATK Mohun Bagan8.33M
Kiyan Nassiri Giri (25)ForwardATK Mohun Bagan2.08M
Liston Colaco (17)ForwardATK Mohun Bagan14.58M
Manvir Singh (11)ForwardATK Mohun Bagan16.66M
Roy Krishna (21)ForwardATK Mohun Bagan29.16M
Gurpreet Sandhu (1)GoalkeeperBengaluru FC20.83M
Lara Sharma (30)GoalkeeperBengaluru FC2.08M
Sharon Padattil (43)GoalkeeperBengaluru FC2.08M
Ajith Kamaraj (19)DefenderBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Ashique Kuruniyan (22)DefenderBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Namgyal Bhutia (25)DefenderBengaluru FC4.17M
Parag Shrivas (27)DefenderBengaluru FC6.25M
Pratik Chaudhari (4)DefenderBengaluru FC8.33M
Roshan Naorem (32)DefenderBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Sarthak Golui (16)DefenderBengaluru FC12.50M
Wungngayam Muirang (15)DefenderBengaluru FC4.17M
Ajay Chhetri (20)MidfielderBengaluru FC6.25M
Damaitphang Lyngdoh (40)MidfielderBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Danish Farooq (12)MidfielderBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Jayesh Rane (7)MidfielderBengaluru FC10.42M
Rohit Kumar (18)MidfielderBengaluru FC6.25M
Suresh Wangjam (8)MidfielderBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Aakashdeep Singh (42)ForwardBengaluru FC2.08M
Bidyashagar Khangembam (26)ForwardBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Edmund Lalrindika (17)ForwardBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Harmanpreet Singh (14)ForwardBengaluru FC14.58M
Leon Augustine (31)ForwardBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Siva Narayana (39)ForwardBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Sunil Chhetri (11)ForwardBengaluru FC1.20 Crore
Udanta Singh (21)ForwardBengaluru FCNot Confirmed
Debjit Majumder (24)GoalkeeperChennaiyin FC8.33M
Devansh Dabas (35)GoalkeeperChennaiyin FC2.08M
Samik Mitra (27)GoalkeeperChennaiyin FC4.17M
Vishal Kaith (13)GoalkeeperChennaiyin FC16.66M
Aqib Nawab (36)DefenderChennaiyin FC2.08M
Balaji Ganesan (43)DefenderChennaiyin FC2.08M
Davinder Singh (32)DefenderChennaiyin FC2.08M
Deepak Devrani (26)DefenderChennaiyin FC12.50M
Jerry Lalrinzuala (18)DefenderChennaiyin FC14.58M
Reagan Singh (2)DefenderChennaiyin FC12.50M
Mohd Sajid Dhot (3)DefenderChennaiyin FCNot Confirmed
Narayan Das (21)DefenderChennaiyin FC14.58M
Salam Singh (5)DefenderChennaiyin FC4.17M
Anirudh Thapa (15)MidfielderChennaiyin FC14.58M
Edwin Vanspaul (8)MidfielderChennaiyin FC10.42M
Germanpreet Singh (28)MidfielderChennaiyin FC8.33M
Johnson Mathews (50)MidfielderChennaiyin FCNot Confirmed
Ninthoinganba Meetel (12)MidfielderChennaiyin FC8.33M
Subhadip Majhi (38)MidfielderChennaiyin FCNot Confirmed
Suhail Pasha (42)MidfielderChennaiyin FC4.17M
Jobby Justin (22)ForwardChennaiyin FC4.17M
Mohamed Liyyakath (45)ForwardChennaiyin FCNot Confirmed
Rahim Ali (11)ForwardChennaiyin FC10.42M
Dheeraj Moirangthem (1)GoalkeeperFC Goa22.91M
Hrithik Tiwari (55)GoalkeeperFC Goa2.08M
Naveen Kumar (32)GoalkeeperFC Goa4.17M
Aiban Dohling (27)DefenderFC Goa8.33M
Anwar Ali (4)DefenderFC Goa14.58M
Lalhmangaihsanga (41)DefenderFC Goa18.75M
Leander D’Cunha (6)DefenderFC GoaNot Confirmed
Mohamed Ali (37)DefenderFC GoaNot Confirmed
Sanson Pereira (2)DefenderFC Goa14.58
Saviour Gama (21)DefenderFC Goa8.33M
Seriton Fernandas (20)DefenderFC Goa12.50M
Alexander Jesuraj (14)MidfielderFC Goa8.33M
Brandon Fernandes (10)MidfielderFC GoaNot Confirmed
Brison Fernandes (42)MidfielderFC Goa18.75M
Christy Davis (46)MidfielderFC Goa2.08M
Danstan Fernandes (18)MidfielderFC Goa12.50M
Flan Gomes (43)MidfielderFC Goa18.75M
Glan Martins (25)MidfielderFC GoaNot Confirmed
Makan Chothe (19)MidfielderFC Goa29.16M
Muhammed Nemil (44)MidfielderFC Goa20.83M
Nongdamba Naorem (17)MidfielderFC GoaNot Confirmed
Princeton Rebello (11)MidfielderFC GoaNot Confirmed
Davendra Murgaonkar (29)ForwardFC Goa8.33M
Gurmeet Singh (1)GoalkeeperHyderabad FC22.91M
Lalbiakhlua Jongte (13)GoalkeeperHyderabad FC2.08M
Laxmikant Kattimani (25)GoalkeeperHyderabad FC4.17M
Akash Mishra (31)DefenderHyderabad FC8.33M
Amritpal Singh (32)DefenderHyderabad FC14.58M
Asish Rai (44)DefenderHyderabad FC18.75M
Chinglensana Singh (4)DefenderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Nim Dorjee (29)DefenderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Pritam Singh (33)DefenderHyderabad FC14.58
Abdul Anjukandan (77)MidfielderHyderabad FC8.33M
Aniket Jadhav (9)MidfielderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Sahil Tavora (14)MidfielderHyderabad FC29.16M
Halicharan Narzary (19)MidfielderHyderabad FC20.83M
Hitesh Sharma (18)MidfielderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Seityasen Singh (17)MidfielderHyderabad FC5.60M
Mark Zothanpuia (88)MidfielderHyderabad FC5.60M
Nikhil Poojary (27)MidfielderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Sauvik Chakrabarti (23)MidfielderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Yasir Mohammad (10)MidfielderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Aaren D’Silva (12)ForwardHyderabad FC14.58M
Rohit Danu (24)ForwardHyderabad FC16.66M
Mohit Dhami (47)GoalkeeperJamshedpur FC22.91M
Pawan Kumar (1)GoalkeeperJamshedpur FC2.08M
TP Rehenesh (32)GoalkeeperJamshedpur FC4.17M
Vishal Yadav (31)GoalkeeperJamshedpur FC8.33M
Anas Edathodika (30)DefenderJamshedpur FC4.10M
Laldinliana Renthlei (26)DefenderJamshedpur FC14.58M
Narender Gahlot (5)DefenderJamshedpur FC18.75M
PC Laldinpuia (4)DefenderJamshedpur FCNot Confirmed
Ricky Lallawmawma (6)DefenderJamshedpur FCNot Confirmed
Sandip Mandi (19)DefenderJamshedpur FC14.58
Boris Singh (2)MidfielderJamshedpur FC8.33M
Gorachand Marndi (46)MidfielderJamshedpur FC12.50M
Jitendra Singh (3)MidfielderJamshedpur FC8.33M
Komal Thatal (11)MidfielderJamshedpur FCNot Confirmed
Mobashir Rahman (15)MidfielderJamshedpur FC18.75M
Pronay Halder (8)MidfielderJamshedpur FC2.08M
Ritwik Das (18)MidfielderJamshedpur FCNot Confirmed
Seiminlen Doungel (7)MidfielderJamshedpur FC18.75M
Farukh Choudhary (17)ForwardJamshedpur FCNot Confirmed
Ishan Pandita (45)ForwardJamshedpur FCNot Confirmed
Karanjit Singh (1)GoalkeeperKerala Blasters FC6.00M
Muheet Khan (78)GoalkeeperKerala Blasters FC22.91M
Prabhsukhan Gill (13)GoalkeeperKerala Blasters FC2.08M
Sachin Suresh (31)GoalkeeperKerala Blasters FC4.17M
Bijoy V (34)DefenderKerala Blasters FC8.33M
Jessel Carneiro (14)DefenderKerala Blasters FC8.33M
Nishu Kumar (5)DefenderKerala Blasters FCNot Confirmed
Ruivah Hormipam (4)DefenderKerala Blasters FC14.58M
Sanjeev Stalin (15)DefenderKerala Blasters FC18.75M
Sandeep Singh (3)DefenderKerala Blasters FC18.75M
Denechandram Meitei (19)DefenderKerala Blasters FCNot Confirmed
Ayush Adhikari (8)MidfielderKerala Blasters FCNot Confirmed
Givson Singh (11)MidfielderKerala Blasters FC14.58M
Harmanjot Khabra (10)MidfielderKerala Blasters FC14.58M
Jeakson Singh (25)MidfielderKerala Blasters FC29.16M
Lalthathanga Khawlhring (7)MidfielderKerala Blasters FC20.83M
Prasanth Karuthadathkuni (24)MidfielderKerala Blasters FCNot Confirmed
Sahal Samad (18)MidfielderKerala Blasters FCNot Confirmed
Vincy Barretto (47)MidfielderKerala Blasters FC10.42M
Anil Gaonkar (37)ForwardKerala Blasters FCNot Confirmed
Rahul KP (17)ForwardKerala Blasters FCNot Confirmed
Mohammad Nawaz (13)GoalkeeperMumbai City FC20.83M
Phurba Lachenpa (1)GoalkeeperMumbai City FC8.33M
Ravi Kumar (21)GoalkeeperMumbai City FC4.07M
Amey Ranawade (4)DefenderMumbai City FC12.50M
Hmingthanmawia (31)DefenderMumbai City FCNot Confirmed
Mandar Dessai (77)DefenderMumbai City FC18.75M
Mehtab Singh (5)DefenderMumbai City FC8.33M
Mohamad Rakip (12)DefenderMumbai City FC12.50M
Rahul Bheke (2)DefenderMumbai City FC14.58M
Vignesh Dakshinamurthy (23)DefenderMumbai City FC12.50M
Chanso Horam (30)MidfielderMumbai City FC8.33M
Lalengmawia (45)MidfielderMumbai City FCNot Confirmed
Lallianzuala Chhangte (43)MidfielderMumbai City FC18.75M
Asif Khan (39)MidfielderMumbai City FC2.08M
Tondomba Singh (28)MidfielderMumbai City FCNot Confirmed
Raynier Fernandes (11)MidfielderMumbai City FC18.75M
Vinit Rai (16)MidfielderMumbai City FCNot Confirmed
Bipin Singh (29)ForwardMumbai City FC10.42M
Gurkirat Singh (9)ForwardMumbai City FC10.42M
Pranjal Bhumij (19)ForwardMumbai City FC8.33M
Vikram Singh (6)ForwardMumbai City FC2.08M
Mirshad Michu (32)GoalkeeperNorthEast United FCNot Confirmed
Nikhil Deka (44)GoalkeeperNorthEast United FC2.08M
Sanjiban Ghosh (33)GoalkeeperNorthEast United FC4.17M
Subhasish Roy (1)GoalkeeperNorthEast United FCNot Confirmed
Gurjinder Kumar (5)DefenderNorthEast United FC6.25M
Jestin George (23)DefenderNorthEast United FC6.25M
Mashoor Shereef (66)DefenderNorthEast United FCNot Confirmed
Mohamed Irshad (16)DefenderNorthEast United FC6.25M
Nabin Rabha (25)DefenderNorthEast United FC6.25M
Tondonba Singh (3)DefenderNorthEast United FC8.33M
Provat Lakra (4)DefenderNorthEast United FC6.25M
Emanuel Lalchhanchhuaha (13)MidfielderNorthEast United FC4.17M
Gani Nigam (22)MidfielderNorthEast United FCNot Confirmed
Hernan Santana (14)MidfielderNorthEast United FC25.00M
Imran Khan (8)MidfielderNorthEast United FC6.25M
Joe Zoherliana (24)MidfielderNorthEast United FCNot Confirmed
Pragyan Medhi (12)MidfielderNorthEast United FCNot Confirmed
Pragyan Gogoi (43)MidfielderNorthEast United FC4.17M
Sehnaj Singh (29)MidfielderNorthEast United FC8.33M
Laldanmawia Ralte (17)ForwardNorthEast United FC4.17M
Lalkhawpuimawia (27)ForwardNorthEast United FC8.33M
Manvir Singh (21)ForwardNorthEast United FC10.42M
Rochharzela (7)ForwardNorthEast United FC10.42M
Suhair Vadakkepeediak (15)ForwardNorthEast United FC12.50M
William Lalnunfela (49)ForwardNorthEast United FC8.33M
Antonio D’Silva (31)GoalkeeperOdisha FC20.83M
Arshdeep Singh (1)GoalkeeperOdisha FC8.33M
Kamaljit Singh (30)GoalkeeperOdisha FC4.07M
Deven Sawhney (55)DefenderOdisha FC12.50M
Gaurav Bora (13)DefenderOdisha FC18.75M
Hendry Antonay (22)DefenderOdisha FC8.33M
Karan Amin (33)DefenderOdisha FC12.50M
Lalhrezuala Sailung (2)DefenderOdisha FC14.58M
Lalruatthara (39)DefenderOdisha FC12.50M
Nikhil Prabhu (44)DefenderOdisha FCNot Confirmed
Sahil Panwar (36)DefenderOdisha FCNot Confirmed
Sebastian Thangmuansang (27)DefenderOdisha FC29.16M
Issac Chhakchhuak (48)MidfielderOdisha FC20.83M
Paul Ramfangzauva (8)MidfielderOdisha FCNot Confirmed
Thoiba Singh (24)MidfielderOdisha FC8.60M
Akshunna Tyagi (12)ForwardOdisha FC4.08M
Daniel Lalhlimpuia (14)ForwardOdisha FC14.58M
Jerry Mawihmingthanga (17)ForwardOdisha FC16.66M
Nandhakumar Sekar (11)ForwardOdisha FC29.16M
Nikhil Raj (21)ForwardOdisha FCNot Confirmed
Redeem Tlang (18)ForwardOdisha FCNot Confirmed
Arindam Bhattacharya (29)GoalkeeperEast Bengal FC20.83M
Sankar Roy (1)GoalkeeperEast Bengal FC8.33M
Suvam Sen (25)GoalkeeperEast Bengal FC4.07M
Adil Khan (5)DefenderEast Bengal FC12.50M
Ankit Mukherjee (55)DefenderEast Bengal FC18.75M
Daniel Gomes (2)DefenderEast Bengal FC8.33M
Hira Mondal (20)DefenderEast Bengal FC12.50M
Huidrom Singh (50)DefenderEast Bengal FC14.58M
Joyner Lourenco (12)DefenderEast Bengal FC12.50M
Raju Gaikwad (47)DefenderEast Bengal FC12.50M
Saikhom Singh (45)DefenderEast Bengal FC29.16M
Amarjit Kiyam (80)MidfielderEast Bengal FC20.83M
Bikash Jairu (23)MidfielderEast Bengal FC8.33M
Lalrinliana Hnamte (22)MidfielderEast Bengal FCNot Confirmed
Loken Meitei (33)MidfielderEast Bengal FC12.50M
Mohammad Rafique (8)MidfielderEast Bengal FC12.50M
Songpu Singsit (16)MidfielderEast Bengal FCNot Confirmed
Sourav Das (18)MidfielderEast Bengal FC4.50M
Jackichand Singh (10)MidfielderEast Bengal FC4.50M
Wahengbam Luwang (14)MidfielderEast Bengal FCNot Confirmed
Balwant Singh (15)ForwardEast Bengal FCNot Confirmed
Naorem Singh (13)ForwardEast Bengal FC10.42M
Rahul Paswan (99)ForwardEast Bengal FC10.42M
Siddhant Shirodkar (43)ForwardEast Bengal FCNot Confirmed
Subha Ghosh (11)ForwardEast Bengal FC6.25M
Thongkhosiem Haokip (24)ForwardEast Bengal FCNot Confirmed
Full List of ISL Players Sold at Hero Indian Super League Auction 2023-24

Hero Indian Super League Season 10 Auction: List of Foreign/International Players Sold at ISL 2023 Auction

There are 10 world’s best footballers that people didn’t expect to see them playing in India. These 10 football players are global superstars which are as follows:

  1. Roberto Carlos
  2. Robert Pires
  3. Diego Forlan
  4. Alessandro Del Piero
  5. Florent Malouda
  6. Dimitar Berbatov
  7. David Trezeguet
  8. Lucio
  9. Helder Postiga
  10. Elano Blumer

Indian Super League final list of foreign/international players at ISL 2023 Auction are as follows:

Player NamePlaying PositionTeamFinal Bid Price (INR)
Tiri (4)DefenderATK Mohun Bagan35.41M
Carl McHugh (8)MidfielderATK Mohun Bagan27.08M
Joni Kauko (7)MidfielderATK Mohun Bagan33.33M
David Williams (9)ForwardATK Mohun Bagan29.16M
Hugo Boumous (10)ForwardATK Mohun Bagan47.91M
Alan Costa (5)DefenderBengaluru FC43.74M
Yaya Banana (3)DefenderBengaluru FC22.91M
Bruno Silva (6)MidfielderBengaluru FC33.33M
Iman Basafa (10)MidfielderBengaluru FC22.91M
Cleiton Silva (23)ForwardBengaluru FC29.16M
Prince Ibara (9)ForwardBengaluru FC29.16M
Slavko Damjanovic (23)DefenderChennaiyin FC25.00M
Ariel Borysiuk (16)MidfielderChennaiyin FC25.00M
Mirlan Murzaev (17)MidfielderChennaiyin FC25.00M
Vladimir Koman (77)MidfielderChennaiyin FC20.83M
Lukasz Gikiewicz (99)ForwardChennaiyin FC8.33M
Nerijus Valskis (9)ForwardChennaiyin FC8.33M
Dylan Fox (12)DefenderFC Goa22.91M
Ivan Gonzalez (24)DefenderFC Goa12.50M
Alberto Noguera (5)MidfielderFC Goa74.99M
Edu Bedia (23)MidfielderFC Goa33.33M
Airam Cabrera (7)ForwardFC Goa16.66M
Jorge Ortiz (9)ForwardFC Goa45.83M
Juanan (5)DefenderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Joao Victor (8)MidfielderHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Khassa Camara (6)MidfielderHyderabad FC22.91M
Bartholomew Ogbeche (20)ForwardHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Javier Siverio (99)ForwardHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Joel Chianese (7)ForwardHyderabad FCNot Confirmed
Eli Sabia (13)DefenderJamshedpur FC25.00M
Peter Hartley (29)DefenderJamshedpur FC25.00M
Alexandre Lima (14)MidfielderJamshedpur FC25.00M
Daniel Chukwu (99)ForwardJamshedpur FC20.83M
Greg Stewart (24)ForwardJamshedpur FC8.33M
Jordan Murray (10)ForwardJamshedpur FC8.33M
Enes Sipovic (2)DefenderKerala Blasters FC22.91M
Marko Leskovic (55)DefenderKerala Blasters FC12.50M
Adrian Luna (20)MidfielderKerala Blasters FC74.99M
Alvaro Vazquez (99)ForwardKerala Blasters FC33.33M
Chencho Gyeltshen (77)ForwardKerala Blasters FC16.66M
Jorge Diaz (30)ForwardKerala Blasters FC45.83M
Mourtada Fall (25)DefenderMumbai City FC31.25M
Ahmed Jahouh (10)MidfielderMumbai City FC31.25M
Bradden Inman (8)MidfielderMumbai City FC16.66M
Cassio Gabriel (7)MidfielderMumbai City FC16.66M
Diego Mauricio (33)ForwardMumbai City FC16.66M
Igor Angulo (17)ForwardMumbai City FC16.66M
Patrick Flottmann (2)DefenderNorthEast United FC16.66M
Zakaria Diallo (79)DefenderNorthEast United FC31.25M
Marco Sahanek (11)MidfielderNorthEast United FC31.25M
Deshorn Brown (26)ForwardNorthEast United FC25.00M
Marcelo Pereira (40)ForwardNorthEast United FC25.00M
Hector Ramirez (4)DefenderOdisha FC31.25M
Victor Mongil (3)DefenderOdisha FC31.25M
Javier Hernandez (10)MidfielderOdisha FC16.66M
Liridon Krasniqi (92)MidfielderOdisha FC16.66M
Aridai Suarez (7)ForwardOdisha FC16.66M
Jonathas Cristian (9)ForwardOdisha FC16.66M
Ananta Tamang (30)DefenderEast Bengal16.66M
Franjo Prce (71)DefenderEast Bengal FC31.25M
Darren Sidoel (6)MidfielderEast Bengal FC31.25M
Fran Sota (77)MidfielderEast Bengal FC25.00M
Antonio Perosevic (7)ForwardEast Bengal FC25.00M
Marcelo Ribeiro (9)ForwardEast Bengal FC45.83M
Hero Indian Super League Season 10 Auction: List of Foreign/International Players Sold at ISL 2023 Auction

Click the following button to download a PDF list of all players sold at the ISL Auction (boli) 2023.


When will ISL auction season 10 2023-24 will start?

The ISL auction season 10 2023-24 will start on July 15th, 2023.

How many days Hero Indian Super League auction 2023-24 season 10 will continue?

The Hero ISL 2023 auction season 10 will continue for three consecutive days from July 15th, 2023 to July 17th, 2023.

Where to watch live ISL auction season 10 2023-24?

People can watch live ISL auction season 10 2023-24 on the Star Sports network and Disney + Hotstar.

Where to follow ISL auction live updates?

You can follow live updates of the entire player auction on the live auction Centre exclusively on the Indian Super League official website.

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